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Texas Rowing Center February Recap

Updated: Mar 18

TRC would like to dedicate this month's recap to Tracy Falkenthal. Tracy's positive impact on TRC and our sport has been truly remarkable. Her commitment to competing, teaching, and diversifying rowing has helped make TRC one of the most successful and inclusive rowing organizations anywhere. In short, Tracy is an irreplaceable force of nature and will be sorely missed. We wish her the best in the next chapter of her life!

girls rowing on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas

Upcoming Dates

To honor Tracy and the impact she's had on TRC, we will have a Farewell Celebration on the dock following our Saturday morning practices starting at 8:30AM on Saturday, March 16th. See you there!

Tracy Spotlight

Matt Knifton - TRC Owner


As most of you know, our Coach Tracy is moving to San Diego in mid-March, so we are dedicating this month’s recap to Tracy's truly remarkable impact on TRC and our sport. 

Tracy’s life story is inspiring as she is, and includes experiences as a bodybuilder, fitness trainer, as well as careers in the army and as a firefighter.  She was born in Oakland and rowed for Berkeley High and then Boston University.  She arrived at TRC in 2019 and has been helping make TRC great ever since. 

Tracy’s commitment to coaching and competing has had an Immense impact at TRC.  Her deep knowledge of the rowing stroke and pleasant teaching approach has helped new and experienced rowers alike.  During her time with us, she has coached everyone from intro-to-rowing beginners and juniors to TRC HP elites.  As a competitor, Tracy has helped lead the TRC masters women to many USRowing national championships, including the coveted 2023 Women’s Points Trophy, and medals at the San Diego Crew Classic and Head of the Charles. 

But Tracy’s greatest contribution to TRC and to rowing has been her mission to make our sport available to everyone.  Her passion and enthusiasm for rowing are unrivaled and infectious.  She literally recruited many of our members right off the trail.  And as a result, TRC is not only one of the most successful, but also one of the most inclusive rowing organizations anywhere.  In short, Tracy is a force of nature and will be sorely missed by the TRC community.  We wish Tracy and her husband, Greg, the very best with their next chapter in San Diego.

To honor Tracy, we will have a Farewell Celebration on the dock following our Saturday morning practices starting at 8:30AM on Saturday, March 16th.  We will have breakfast tacos and coffee for attendees so come hungry.  Everyone will have an opportunity to share with the group the many ways that Tracy has enriched our rowing community.  See you there!

Finally, this week, I gave our staff an opportunity to provide a short message to Tracy about the positive impact she has had on their rowing experiences.  Below are their thoughts.  In addition, Greg recently wrote an open letter to the juniors, their parents, and others associated with TRC Juniors after he attended Tracy's last practice with the varsity boys.  We have included that heartfelt letter at the end of this newsletter.  

Go TRC!  Matt

TRC Staff Statements

I’ll miss seeing Tracy’s face around here! I have a few thank you’s for her.  Tracy, Firstly, thank you for increasing, not only TRC’s but, my awareness of DEI initiatives in the rowing world. With your drive and passion, you have introduced so many to TRC. Literally pulling people off the trail. Our club is open to everyone! And it’s visible!!! I am so proud to have worked with you on so many events. It’s only the beginning, T!  Secondly, thank you for motivating me and others to challenge ourselves, physically and technically, on the water. You’re an incredible teammate! I’m grateful for all the rows and the events we’ve raced together.  And, lastly, thank you for encouraging me to become a coach! It was so far from my radar. I think I initially laughed and said no way, when you mentioned it. I have had the very best experiences coaching and I absolutely, love it!  You’ll thrive wherever you are T! Friends for life!

-Devon Lafferty

Tracy was the most effective force to get me to get back on the water (at least for a bit). And when she got me hooked again, she was an incredibly supportive teammate and friend. She has an unmatched way of building confidence in every person she coaches, and it's so impressive. She brought so much magic to TRC and I loved seeing how impactful just one person could be to the sport in Texas. 

-Chelsea Moore 

Tracy, you've turned our club into more than just a group - it's a true family now. And personally, you've helped me grow into a better coach but more so into a better version of myself. Thank you for all your support, coaching, and friendship. We will miss you!

-Monica Velez

Tracy is truly one of a kind. With her positive attitude, work ethics and passion for the sport she was leading by example. Tracy is one of those that make us believe in a “age is just a number” dogma. With her never ending energy and the constant strive to learn and grow she will always be an evergreen and forever young.

-Peter Mansfeld

Tracy, thank you for helping build our team stronger and making everyone on our team and in our program feel welcomed and recognized. Thank you for always cheering us on loud and proud! We will miss you!

-Dangerous Athletes - Texas Rowing for All Team

Coach Tracy, Thank you so very much for dedicating your time, imparting your wisdom, and spreading your love of rowing. You will be missed. I send you and Greg the very best in your new chapter.

-Eric Dilworth


Tracy has made a huge impact on my coaching and many other coaches from being an incredible mentor. I would not have the knowledge or confidence as a coach that I do now without Tracy. I will forever be grateful to experience her passion for this sport. Thank you, Tracy, for your kindness, I miss you already! 

-Juli Camillucci 

Tracy you have been my coach, my friend, a mentor, a cheerleader and an advocate for me. You would pick me up when I was down, cheer me on and support me in all of my endeavors. We made history together in 2021 as the first black mixed 2x at nationals. You may be relocating but you are definitely not leaving my heart or mind so it’s not farewell it’s see you soon!

-Napoleon Griffin


Tracy worked hard to get people to TRC.  Once there, she made them feel at home.  She taught them how to row.  She helped them find their way into competitive rowing and onto the staff.  By doing all of that and more, she changed the lives of many people.  Tracy helped us to remember that anyone can row, and everyone is welcome.  Thanks Tracy!  Much love,

-Alvin Cantu

From the first moment I got to TRC to now, Tracy made me feel so welcome. Her love for rowing is an inspiration for all of us, and I know for sure that her impact on the rowing community at TRC will continue to be felt for years to come. Tracy, thank you for all that you do. We will miss you and I hope you will enjoy your time in San Diego!

-Susan Temming

Tracy brought a positive friendly attitude to TRC. She brought countless new faces to our dock and made every effort to teach them rowing and integrate them into the TRC family. Her efforts have strengthened all the programs at TRC and her model is one everyone at TRC should remember and keep alive. Best to Tracy in a new chapter to her life. She will take love and the passion for rowing and people wherever she goes.

-Mark Borchelt

Tracy has been a staple and fearless leader in the advancement of our juniors and masters teams.  She is selfless and a hard working athlete, contributing to multiple medals and trophies at TRC. We will miss her dearly. She will be TRC family forever.

-Anna Miller 

Thanks Tracy a lot for your kind interactions throughout your time at TRC.

-“Sami” Amed

Greg Falkenthal - Tracy's Husband

Tracy's husband, Greg, recently wrote an open letter to the juniors, their parents and others associated with TRC Juniors after he attended Tracy's last practice with the varsity boys. Below is that heartfelt letter.

Proud Husband Falkenthal
Download PDF • 24KB

February Results

boys erging at erg rodeo at the university of texas

Erg Rodeo Winners


Womens Masters 50-59 - Eileen Liedeker

Mens Masters Over 60 - Ken Gates

Mens Masters 50-59 - Steven Henry

Mens Masters 30-40 - J Brown

Mixed Open Adaptive 1000m - Matthew Wright

Womens Open/Collegiate LTWT -Susan Morse


Womens Open U17 - Natasa Kinzy

Mens Youth Coxswain 1000m - Charlie Maloy

Womens Open U19 - Marin Maycotte

Mens Open U17 - Harrison Mankey

Mens Open U19 - James Griffin

two eights racing on Lady Bird Lake in Austin Texas

Carson Smith Memorial Regatta Winners

Womens Second Varsity Eight B

Womens Varsity Eight

Mens Varsity Quad

Mens Novice Eight

Mens Novice Eight B

Womens Novice Eight

Womens Novice Eight B

Womens Varsity Quad

Womens Varsity Quad B

Mens Second Varsity Eight

Mens Varsity Eight

masters four racing at the heart of texas regatta

Heart of Texas Regatta Winners


Mixed Adaptive Single

Mens Four

Womens (A-D) Single

Womens Four

Mens Open Double

Mens (E-I) Double

Womens Open Eight

Mens (G-K) Single

Mixed (D-F) Quad

Womens Pair

Mixed (A-C) Double

Mens Eight

Mens (A-D) Quad

Mens (E-G) Quad

Womens Eight

Womens Open Quad

Womens Quad


Mens 2V Four

Mens Double

Mens U-17 Quad

Mens 2V Quad

Mens Quad

Mens Novice Quad

Womens Eight

Mens 2V Eight

Womens 2V Eight

Mens 2V Double

Womens U-17 Four

Mens Eight


A huge thank you to Megan Ream for the awesome photos used in this month's update!

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