Adult Rowing


Ever notice that every gym and health club has at least one rowing machine? That’s because fitness experts agree that rowing is one of the best aerobic, total-body exercises for everyone, no matter what your current fitness level.

Since 1987, the Texas Rowing Center in Austin has helped thousands burn calories, develop cardiovascular health, and tone all major muscle groups through rowing. And, of course, it’s great fun! Texas Rowing Center’s large and varied fleet of sweep and sculling shells ensures that we have the right boat for your size and skill level.


It’s easy to learn to row and to become a member at Texas Rowing Center. First you purchase an Introduction to Rowing Course package for $249 or a TRC membership, which includes the Introduction to Rowing Course at no extra cost. If you are new to rowing, the second step is to schedule your Introduction to Rowing Course – see the instructions below:

To become a rowing member Texas Rowing Center, you have the following options:


This six-lesson course will introduce you to both the physical and psychological benefits of single and team-based rowing. No previous rowing experience is necessary. Students will learn rowing terminology, fundamentals, and technique – all in a fun group environment that fosters fitness and camaraderie. Students will also learn the fundamentals of indoor rowing on Concept II rowing machines, which can be an integral part of rowing development and overall health. Please click here to schedule your Intro to Rowing Course. Safety is of paramount importance, so before arriving for your lesson, we recommend reviewing these safety guidelines.

Note: If you prefer a one-on-one learning environment, you may request three individual sculling lessons for $249 as an alternative to the Introduction to Rowing Course (which includes six lessons). Please click here to purchase your three individual lessons. Following your purchase, please call 467-7799 to schedule, or email us.


A TRC membership is the most popular option. Memberships are offered for 6 months ($499) and for one year ($699). These memberships include our Introduction to Rowing Course coached by experienced TRC coaches. The membership also includes UNLIMITED rowing, kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddling (SUPs). Please click here to purchase a TRC membership and schedule your Introduction to Rowing Course.

CREW PROGRAMS // No Additional Cost

Once you complete your Introduction to Rowing Course, we invite you to join our New Crew, which will introduce you to team-boat rowing. Once you complete New Crew, you may join one of our competitive rowing crews – Intermediate Competitive Crew or Advanced Competitive Crew. Our Competitive Crews participate at local, regional, and national regattas. Members receive unlimited crew coaching at no extra cost!


Rowing is an ideal team-building exercise. In today’s working climate, it is increasingly important to take time away from work to strengthen the relationships between people. An increasing need for teamwork and collaboration is compelling organizations to look for ways to bring people closer together knowing that if employees can improve communication, build rapport, and develop appreciation for each other they will be more effective in work situations. Our offerings include corporate team building and workplace away days. We offer rowing team-building events involving eight-person rowing shells and short regattas (races) if desired. For more information, contact us at