Kayak Meetups in Austin, TX

Texas Rowing Center has regular meetups on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. These guided tour meetups are designed to teach basic kayaking fundamentals and to explore Lady Bird Lake. This is a social active meetup that generally meets on Sundays at noon to 2PM. You will get an additional free hour after purchasing a 1-hour rental of any boat (SUP, canoe, or kayak). We will meet at Texas Rowing Center at noon, get to know each other, get gear and go paddling on the water. Check our Meetup Schedule for upcoming events.

Team-Building Outings

In today’s working climate, it is increasingly important to take time away from work to strengthen the relationships between people. An increasing need for teamwork and collaboration is compelling organizations to look for ways to bring people closer together knowing that if employees can improve communication, build rapport, and develop appreciation for each other they will be more effective in work situations. Our offerings include corporate team building and workplace away days. We offer paddling (kayaks, canoes, and standup paddle boards) and rowing team-building events. Rowing team-building events involve eight-person rowing shells and short regattas (races) if desired. For more information, contact us at groups@texasrowingcenter.com.

Birthday Parties/Reunions/Special Events

Bring family and friends together to explore nature while enjoying the sights around Austin from a kayak or canoe. Tell us about your special event and we will design we will customize a paddling event to meet your needs. For more information, contact us at groups@texasrowingcenter.com.