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Camper Information Form

1. Listen to TRC employees, managers, and counselors and follow instructions at all times. Stay with your group. It is NEVER acceptable to paddle your boat ahead of the group or wander away from the dock without permission from your camp counselor.

2. It is absolutely necessary that all campers are respectful and thoughtful of one another. Teasing or bullying is unacceptable and will be addressed, case by case, by the counselors.

3. No horseplay. This rule applies anytime during camp, on the dock, in the boathouse, and in any other locations campers visit. The term "horseplay" will be broadly interpreted to include abusing equipment, cussing or other inappropriate language or topics of conversation, public displays of affection, and other more traditional acts of horseplay. If you think it might be horseplay, it probably is.

4. Life Jackets must be worn for water activities at all times by all elementary and all middle school campers. This includes wearing PFDs while rowing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and canoeing.

5. No swimming at the TRC dock. The City of Austin prohibits swimming in Lady Bird Lake.

6. No crowding the trail or the office. Upon arrival, campers should go directly to the picnic tables on the dock, and should not be in the office or anywhere near the trail.

7. Always use ramps on the dock. No jumping between the lower dock and the upper dock, or between the dock and the shore. Please think about safety first!

8. We recommend having close-toed shoes that can be worn in the water and are comfortable for walking. We do not permit bare feet on the grounds or dock.

9. Throw away all trash in proper receptacles; do not litter or leave it on the dock.

10. Respect wildlife. Do not disturb the birds, ducks, swans, turtles, etc that live in and around the dock or in Lady Bird Lake.

11. Equipment handling and care:
• Do not stand on or flip over the kayaks
• Do not sink kayak paddles (you will be charged $35)
• Rowing shells are fragile, so use caution around boats and listen to instructors
• Wash rowing shells before putting them away (hatch cover and stern plug must be open)
• There is a skeg on the bottom of a rowing shell that can break if you are not careful. If it breaks you will be charged $35 to repair the boat
• Do not play with buckets, sponges, or other boat-cleaning materials on the dock
• Do not sit on boat slings


Campers are expected to arrive at camp every day with the following items:

• Water bottle – refillable. (Note: There will be a $2 charge for a water bottle if your child forgets (or throws away) theirs.

• Snacks & Lunch - we recommend a healthy lunch and discourage packing soda and candy. We do not have a refrigerator available at the club, so make sure the lunch will stay cool with a small cooler/ice pack.

• Sunscreen

• Towel

• Hat

• Sunglasses

• A bag/backpack that will fit all your child’s belongings

• Close-toed shoes such as Crocs or water shoes. Flip-flops are not acceptable.

• If applicable, medications or allergy treatments. (Inform the camp counselor of any meds, inhalers, etc).

Please do not bring electronics, such as iPods or cell phones

***** TRC encourages parents to label their child’s belongings. *****

***** TRC is not responsible for any lost items. *****


Elementary School camps are 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Mon – Fri.
Middle School camps are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Mon – Fri.
High School camps are 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Mon - Fri.

Parents must make arrangements with TRC in advance if their child is being dropped off or picked up at any other time.


I verify that I have read the above rules. I understand that I will be held accountable for complying with all applicable rules and policies. I understand that TRC counselors and staff will strictly enforce these rules.

As a parent/guardian of the above named child, I understand the rules contained within the TRC Summer Camp Packet and have discussed them with my son/daughter. I understand that my child will be responsible for complying with these rules.


Has a doctor ever told the participant not to exercise?


I acknowledge, to the best of my ability, that my child is in good health and has no known medical conditions that would restrict their ability to participate in this exercise program. In the event that I cannot be contacted, I give my consent that TRC staff may determine the appropriate course of action in cases of emergency.

Thanks for finalizing your information. See you at camp!
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